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Blog released for the works of Imam Anwar al Awlaki rh - click the picture
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bio of Sheikh Umar Abdur Rahman

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

His Name: Shaykh ?Umar ?Abd Ar-Rahmaan
His Date of Birth: 3rd of May, 1938
Place of Birth: Gamalia
His Children: Muhammad, Ahmad, ?Abd-Allaah, Faatimah, ?Abd Ar-Rahmaan, Usaamah, Al-Hassan, ?Ammaar

His Childhood:

The Shaykh and Mujaaheed ?Umar ?Abd Ar-Rahmaan was born in 1938 in Al-Gamalia, in Egypt. His parents were poor and told him that he had turned blind, ten months after his birth. In his early childhood he would go the Mosque with his nephew and read the Quraan. When he was five years, he was taken to a school for the blind to learn how to read and write in Braille. The Shaykh memorized the Holy Quraan when he was just eleven years old and his nephew played a very big supporting role in this. Every day, he and his nephew would go to the Mosque for the Fajr-Prayer, to go through their Islamic lessons together.

His Study:

The Shaykh began his primary study at the Islamic Institute of Dimyaat. He studied there for four years until he received his Azhari-Certificate. He then studied at the Usuul Ad-Deen Faculty in Cairo and he graduated there with full honor in the year 1965.

After his graduation he was appointed as an Imaam by Al-Waqf at one of the Mosques of Fayuum. Fayuum is primarily inhabited by farmers and the level of unawareness was very high. The Imaam put in all his efforts to remove this ignorance and eventually the Mosques was filled with believers. Where there would only be one or two persons present before, Salaat Al-Fajr was now prayed in the Mosque by large numbers of people, walhamdulillaah.

In 1967 the Shaykh gained his Bachelor with excellent achievements in Tafseer. The theme was ?The Holy Months?. After gaining his Bachelor he started teaching at the Azhar University. In that time he also voluntarily preached in several Mosques.

His Da?wah:

In 1968 he was teaching at the University and also still delivering Khutbah?s in Mosques in Fayuum. He started preaching about the corruption of the government. This was in the time of the rule of Jamal ?Abd An-Nasr. When the Shaykh used to speak about Fir?awn, all the auditors would know he was in fact speaking about ?Abd An-Nasr. His criticism against the state started to increase and one day he was surprised to receive a message from the head of Al-Azhar that he was not allowed to work because of accusations made against him. At the end of that year he was found innocent but nevertheless he was not allowed to return to his work at Al-Azhar University. And the hardships continued?

Cell Number 24:

After the death of the enemy of Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta?ala); Jamal ?Abd An-Nasr, the Shaykh was arrested because he had openly stated on the Minbar that is was not allowed to pray for ?Abd An-Nasr. He was arrested and confined in cell number 24 of Al-Qal?ah Prison. This cell was very dear to the Shaykh and every time they tried to transfer him to another cell, he requested that they bring him back to that cell. Eventually, the Shaykh was released on the 10th of June, 1971.

Despite the big hardships he had to go through after his release, he was not stopped from seeking knowledge. He gained his doctorate and the subject was: ?The Stance of the Quraan Regarding His Enemies, as is Described in Surrat At-Tawbah?. He received very high qualifications for his doctorate but despite that fact, he was still prohibited to teach at the university. This prohibition lasted until the university reported that there were free places to teach at the Usuul Ad-Deen Faculty in Asyuut. The Shaykh stayed there to teach for four years after which he left to teach in Riyaadh. He returned back to Egypt when he noticed how they tried to limit him in his work and tried to prevent him from delivering Khutbah?s.

When Saddat was killed, the Shaykh was arrested again and then tried at a Military Court. During these tribulations the Shaykh uttered these memorable words:

?You have sold your souls to Allaah and you were satisfied with Jannah as the prize. It is His ? Subhaanahu wa Ta?ala ? Right to do as He wishes with the commodity that He bought. You must merely give in to that and be satisfied with it because through selling it, you have ceased to own it. So if He wishes, He will test you with jail and if He wishes, then He will grant you martyrdom. You do not have the right to set terms and say: ?We want Martyrdom but we do not want imprisonment.?

Despite of the heavy charges brought against him in this Military Court, he was found innocent and released.

In the United States?

The Shaykh kept being followed by the Security Agencies but he went on relentlessly, advising the Ummah. He did Da?wah in many European countries and in America. In the year of 1993 he was arrested in New York and found guilty on four charges against him by the Jewish judge:

1. Conspiracy and incitement to the overthrowing of the American government
2. Conspiracy and incitement to murdering Husni Mubaarak
3. Conspiracy to the elimination of military facilities
4. Conspiring and plotting a ?city-guerilla? against the United States

The Shaykh stood up proudly against the American Injustice System and declared:

?The State Prosecutor is trying to Americanize Islaam. And we strictly refuse to Americanize Islaam. The State Prosecutor wants us to be submissive to America or else we will be sentenced to prison for life. We say:

?My Lord! the prison house is dearer to me than that to which they invite me.?
[Surrat Yuusuf; 33]

So I say welcome to prison, if in it lies the Contentment of Allaah, Subhaanahu wa Ta?ala.?

He was sentenced to life in prison. The Shaykh is still imprisoned in a jail cell and has no contact with the outside world. He is even being denied a radio and a interpreter, so he is isolated completely from the outside world and he rarely receives any visitors. Every time he does have a visitor, all the clothes of the Shaykh are removed from his body and he is searched internally. He is also subject to physical abuse. One day a guard came into his cell when the Shaykh was praying and this guard abused the Shaykh. When the Shaykh is reciting the Quraan they play loud music and he isn?t allowed to pray with the other Muslim prisoners. This is how the enemies of Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta?ala) try to break this Inheritor of the Prophet (salla Allaahu ?alayhi wa sallam). And all of this happens while the Shaykh is a man of age whom suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and many other disorders.

We ask Allaah, Subhaanahu wa Ta?ala, to keep him steadfast and to grant him Jannaat Al-Firdaws because of his Patience and his Jihaad, ameen.

His Words:

?The so-called ?Jamaa?at Al-Jihaad? is not the only one that considers the US to be disbelievers and this is not the statement of just one group. On the contrary, the whole Islamic Ummah, one billion Muslims across the world agree that the US are disbelievers. Disbelievers with all their systems and organizations. The American Congress is kaafir, the White House is kaafir, the Pentagon is kaafir. Only the one who is a slave to America ? or a slave of that slave ? disagrees in this matter. This is what the Muslims say and this is what Islaam says in His Book:

?Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, were not going to depart (from their ways) until there should come to them Clear Evidence.?
[Surrat Al-Bayyinah; 1]

The State Prosecutor want us to worship America instead of Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta?ala). We say: America will perish, civilization will perish and everything in this world will perish. So no one else but Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta?ala) deserves to be worshipped and Refuge will not be sought with anyone else but Him. There is no ilaah except for Him and there is no rabb besides Him.?

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