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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is it Legal to Participate in the Riots in Europe with the Intention of Jihad?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Is it Legal to Participate in the Riots in Europe
with the Intention of Jihad?

Translated by: The Ansarullah English Team

Question #5085
Answered by: Sheikh Abu Monzer Al-Shanqiti
Asalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.
Certainly you have heard about the riots that are happening in Britain and that which happened before in France a few years ago. There are people who call the Muslim youth to participate in them with the intention of Jihad for the sake of Allah, and to damage the economies of the Crusader states that participate in occupying Islamic countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and which plunder the riches of the Muslims from the time of colonization. Is it legal to do so?
JazakumAllah Khair.
Questioner: Abu Hanifa

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
All praise is to Allah, and prayers and peace be on the Messenger of Allah, and on his family and companions. To proceed.
There is no doubt in the legitimacy of fighting the Crusader states that fight Islam and the Muslims and cause what they can from damage against them, so if the fighting of these belligerent countries is legal, then that is proof that it is allowed to cause any damage and to sabotage their property with what is lesser than fighting.
Al-Bukhari and Muslim narrated that Ibn Omar, may Allah be pleased with him, said:
The messenger of Allah, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, burned and cut the date palms of Bani Al-Nazeer at Al-Buwayra, so Allah sent down this verse:
“What you (O Muslims) cut down of the palm-trees (of the enemy), or you left them standing on their stems, it was by Leave of Allah”
(Surah Al-Hashr : 5)
Ibn Kathir said about the revelation of this verse:
“When the Messenger of Allah laid siege to Bani An-Nadir, to humiliate them and bring fear and terror to their hearts, he ordered their date trees to be cut down. Muhammad bin Ishaq narrated that Yazid bin Ruman, Qatadah and Muqatil bin Hayyan said, “Bani An-Nadir sent a message to the Messenger , saying that he used to outlaw mischief in the earth, so why did he order that their trees be cut down. Allah sent down this honorable Ayah stating that whatever Linah was felled or left intact by the Muslims, has been done by His permission, will, leave and pleasure to humiliate and disgrace the enemy and degrade them.” (Tafsir Ibn Kathir 8/61)
So every Muslim should participate and contribute in sabotaging the economies of the Crusader states either by commercial boycott or targeting their property with sabotage and burning.
What is happening in Britain today from riots might have an effect in weakening it and affecting its economy, so the Muslims should take advantage of this opportunity and work on the continuity of these riots by participating in and inciting them.
And Allah knows best
And all praise is to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
Sheikh Abu Monzer Al-Shanqiti
Member, Shariah Committee
Minbar Al Tawheed wal Jihad

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