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Blog released for the works of Imam Anwar al Awlaki rh - click the picture
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bio of two Mujahid (Heart softening miracles)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

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بعنوان :


العدد ( 43) من سير أعلام الشهداء 

Number ( 43) Biographies of the Prominent Martyrs

سيرة الشهداء

Biography of the martyrs

معا ذ ومعوذ ابنا عفراءMu’adh and Mu’awwaidh, the Sons of Afra’ 

تقبلهما الله

May Allah Accept Them

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Mu’adh and Mu’awwaidh, the Sons of Afra’

The Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him, spoke truly saying: “Indeed the mill of Islam will keep turning”He also said, “Islam began as something strange and it will revert to being strange as it began. Therefore, give glad tidings to the strangers.”It is a supremely clear and sharp truth: It would be impossible for Islam to endure unless we proceed from the same point from which the noblest of creation, the Prophet of al-Malhama wal-Rahma, launched (his message). Not only that, but we must move through the same adversities that he did in the (fight for) truth and justice, and the rest of the Ummah must bear what the first Muslims endured at the time of the conquests. 

Signs of these conquests had emerged a long time ago when the Ummah of Islam began to bring forth its treasures and repented of its misdeeds. So the character of the Muslim began to shine in the most radiant image and beautiful garb, as if it had been hidden away until the day it would march in the wedding procession. In the struggle and contest between truth and falsehood, it seemed at first as if (the Muslims) would lose in this country (Iraq) as elsewhere. The wolves of Rome and barbarian Persia rushed down on them like a raging torrent. They went very far in this contest, so that their followers danced intoxicated with happiness, drinking joyfully from their wine cups. Meanwhile, the eyes of the Muwahideen wept, and their tears and prayers increased. But they knew they had wagered on their Islamic knights because Allah had told them of the end that awaited them: “My servants, the righteous, shall inherit the earth”. (al-Anbiyaa, 105)

Then…in a sudden moment of history, all fell quiet and silence prevailed. The Persian infidels and their followers threw away their wine cups – or rather the cups dropped from their hands - and the throats of the singers were petrified as joy, smiles and hope became fixed on the faces and lips of those Muwahideen. The chants of the Believers sang out and cries ofAllahu Akbar rose louder and louder. All were shocked by the knights of Islam who were now on an equal footing with the infidels. Just as recently all were again dazzled when the chant of Jihad announced the birth of the long-awaited Islamic State in the Land of the Two Rivers. 

The kaffir and the envious one were astounded and every monotheist Muslim was overjoyed. The steeds of Allah became strong and swift. In the ups and downs of this race and contest, two young men, who had just reached maturity, advanced to the contest and raced the knights as if to say: “To Thee, our Lord, we hastened to please”. They were Muhammad and Ahmad, the sons of Tayba. 

Or, as they were called by Abdul Faqir and others: Mu’adh and Mu’awwaidh, the sons of Afra’. Islam has kept turning, yet it must resemble the past of our Salaf ancestors. Similar incidents have emerged subhan Allah; in its size, shape and symbols and only the colors have changed with the passage of time. 

So what is the story of those two men or youths?

Their story is in fact a story of early manhood, dedication, chivalry, bravery, character and of course a gift and a present. No other young men like them did what I will relate.

Yes, they were Muhammad and Ahmad, the sons of Tayba, two blood brothers from a pure womb, descended from the Lion of Allah and the Lion of the Messenger of Allah, Khalid bin al-Walid, may Allah be pleased with him. Indeed, “He who resembles his father does no wrong”. The youths learned the meaning of Jihad, until morality and ethics crystallized in their behavior. They were indeed the most excellent of youth in their manners and calmness, obedient to their father, dutiful servants to their mother. They were all that could be described as a model for their age. Suddenly they began to press (their parents) about a martyrdom operation but met with a flat refusal: “You are not yet old enough”. The days became heavy for the two brothers. Muhammad had just reached puberty when he was captured by the apostates. They tortured and beat him, cursed and reviled him and he said “By Allah, I will go out and conduct a martyrdom operation against you”.Those who were detained with him tried with difficulty to silence him because they feared for him. 

Muhammad was released after a prisoner exchange that was arranged by his father, the heroic Mujahid “Abu Muhammad”, and why not. He was one of the pillars and knights of the Islamic State. Muhammad left prison, joyful for the gift of freedom. He thanked Allah and then his father, saying: “My father, this is through the grace of Allah, and I must thank Him well. The best way to thank Him would be to sacrifice myself. I cannot return to prison after Allah has rescued me from it. I will therefore conduct a martyrdom operation against the apostates”

But his young brother Ahmad insisted on doing this before him. He had been registered in the battalion of martyrs and had been waiting for his turn for more than two months. A competition began between the two brothers. Crying and weeping, the amazing young Ahmad turned to Allah. He slept but little during the nights, hoping to attain acceptance and grace, yearning to please his Lord and His sight, and to sit in the company of His Prophet, prayer and peace be upon him. He sought forgiveness for sins he had not committed and for disobedience he had not done. He had just reached maturity (14 and a half years old) when the amazing Ahmad turned to Allah praying and weeping as if the young man bore a mountain of sins.

The boy began to see signs of Allah’s mercy that strengthened his heart and made his parents weep. Every day he saw Paradise and its virgins in his dreams. Moreover, he saw the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him. He would then wake and describe the Messenger of Allah to his father, as if you were reading his description in one of the books of the Salaf. One day he described him in front of one of his father’s brothers saying “The Messenger of Allah had gray hair”. The man said, “Ahmad, the Messenger of Allah did not have much gray hair. When he died he had only between 13 and 19 white hairs.”So he fell asleep that night disappointed because as his uncle had said, the man he saw was not the Messenger of Allah. So Allah’s Messenger came to him again in his sleep and placed his head on Ahmad’s lap and Ahmad began counting the gray hairs of Allah’s Messenger while he slept. When he awoke he hurried to his father and said, “By Allah, father, today I counted the gray hairs of the Messenger of Allah, and I found 21 white hairs”. Subhan Allah! This is how the Messenger of Allah was usually described. How could a youth like Ahmad know this precisely about the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace be upon him!

One night in a dream, a maiden came to him that made hearts leap and made the mind fly from the head. He said to her, “Every-time I see you I tell my mother about you but she does not believe. Will you not give me some proof that you are real to show my mother?” So she took a lock of her hair and gave it to him and he placed it in his pocket. In the morning, his mother asked him, “What did you dream about Ahmad?”He said, “A lock of hair”. He rushed to his pocket but didn’t find it. His heart was broken and he was deeply saddened. He told his mother what happened in his dream and she soothed him and felt pity for him.

The next night he saw the same maiden and said “You gave me a lock of hair but I couldn’t find it”. So she took a lock of her hair and in a gesture that made the heart leap, she breathed on it and it flew away. Ahmad wanted to snatch it but she said to him, “Leave it. You will find it, Allah willing, in the Mushaf in the Surah al-Kahf”. 

Ahmad awoke and as usual his mother asked him what he had dreamed. He said “The Mushaf, the Mushaf”. His mother took a copy to him and his father, and he said “The lock of hair is in the Surah al-Kahf”. He opened his Quran and found the lock between the pages of Surah al-Kahf. His mother looked upon it and amazement filled her heart, and his father was astounded. 

So he took the Quran and went with it to the brother who was responsible for matters of shari’a in his district . He told him the tale until he reached the story of the lock and said “Here is the lock of hair if you do not believe me”. He opened the Quran to show him it but suddenly and without warning, a gust came up and blew the lock away before the sheikh could see it.

When his father related to us the dream we were astounded until he arrived at the story of the wind and the lock of hair. An eminent man among us said “Subhan Allah do you not know why the wind took the lock of hair belonging to your son’s bride? It is not permitted for your friend to see it but it is permissible for you. For you cannot uncover the veil of your son’s bride. Allah prevented her hair from being seen by someone who is not a mahram

Ahmad gave an amazing description of Paradise as he saw it in his sleep. He described entering a house shaped like a golden pearl with a door. A voice told him: “Enter, Ahmad”. And he said, “How do I enter?” The voice said, “Say ‘In the name of Allah’ and enter”.Ahmad touched the dome of the house and entered. He said “Every time I wanted to enter or exit I would place my hand at any place and a door would be opened there”. And he said “Father, I saw wonders in Paradise. I saw two rivers of milk and wine. But what was amazing was that they had no shores. But they flowed along the surface of the earth and did not flow right or left”And he said“Whenever food was brought to us in Paradise it was birds. When we ate them, the flesh of the fowl would call back the bones and then the feathers and the birds would fly off again”.

The most amazing story the lad has ever told, was that one day he saw a glorious sight, in which he saw an image of Allah’s throne and he certainly – and I and his father both know this – knows nothing of these matters. Yet, Ahmad described the throne after he had flown to it with Sheikh Abu Musab (al-Zarqawi) and brother Yahya Abu al-Hasan al-Shar’i, whose tale was told in a previous edition of biographies of the martyrs. As proof of the veracity of his tale, a fourth brother was with them whose kunya was Abu Ahmad. Neither the boy nor his father, nor the people close to them knew his real name. But the youth saw him accompanying them under his real name. When his father told Abu Ahmad this dream, the man was astonished and said, “Subhan Allah! I ask you by Allah did you know my name before?” His father replied “By Allah, and there is no god but He, I did not know it.” His son also swore that and all knew that the dream was true Allah willing. 

Ahmad saw himself and those with him flying and with each of them were twelve maidens, and he said “We flew until we reached one of the pillars of Allah’s throne yet we had not reached the end of it. Then we were told ‘fly to the other pillar’ and we flew a long distance”. He said, “We estimated the time at six hours but we did not tire. Then we were told to fly upward. So we flew for a long time until we reached a great sapphire with writing on it. The first one to read the writing was Sheikh Abu Musab who, as soon as he read it, fainted. Thus, whoever read the words fainted. So I am waiting and I do not know what is written or what has happened to them until my turn came. What was written upon it was ‘Throne of the Merciful’. When I finished reading it, I fainted. Then a maiden came and awakened me and those with me and told us to fly upward”.

I will excuse myself for continuing from here. One such as I must not exceed his boundaries in relating this dream. I am afraid that I am exceeding my limits, and the brothers must pardon me and pray to Allah to raise Ahmad’s degree.

We come to 27 Ramadan 1428. Muhammad, slight of build but great in confidence, drove a truck filled with explosives into one of the dens of the apostates in an area not previously struck by bombs or a martyrdom operation. In the blink of an eye he turned an apostate police station into rubble, and Allah destroyed the apostates in that place. Hours later, the heroic Ahmad drove to another building and den of the apostates. He shouted Allahu Akbar and harvested more than 26 apostates. Allah is most great and glory be to Allah!

We only say to their mother Taiba: be patient and anticipate your reward and recompense from Allah. I learned that she had requested to carry out anothermartyrdom operation but the men in charge did not consent to her request, because women are forbidden from doing so except in extremely critical situations and the men are incapable of carrying out the deed. 

For Taiba and in condolence to her, I wrote down some of my feelings. I do not claim that they are poetry. I said:

Mother of the Martyr

Greetings to the chaste Taiba How honorable and patient she is

She made my eyes weep with her generosity She prepared the soul of her son and made him good

Seeking Allah’s most abundant reward Begging for ever-lasting life in Heaven

She loved her young one but recalling that in failing to depart; he would be afflicted

So she said “My son flutter to heaven That is your home and its absence is a calamity

Make haste my son to the lofty heavens I will follow you, for life is an affliction

Honor thy father and let him not see you in perdition Pray devoutly to your Lord and you shall be answered”

The young one set as the shining sun They said “Farewell, we know Paradise is your desire

To close my story, this question remains: Were Muhammad and Ahmad, the sons of Taiba, and their brothers killed for a false and blind cause as some allege?

Are such as Muhammad and Ahmad to be considered as suicides condemned to Hell, as the scholars of the sultans and devils claim?

Will their blood be shed in vain and will Allah debase it and degrade those who after them carry the banner of Jihad?

To close my article, I beseech Allah not to deny me the reward of the young boys Muhammad and Ahmad. It came to my ears that they were so happy that I was teaching them the Quran one day. I pray to Allah not to disappoint their belief in me, their uncle, and not weaken me after them. Gather me with them “In an Assembly of Truth in the Presence of a Sovereign Omnipotent”.

Penned by

Abu Isma’il al-Muhajir

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