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Blog released for the works of Imam Anwar al Awlaki rh - click the picture
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Monday, August 1, 2011

About the lies of Safar al Hawali by Sheikh Faaris Aal Shuwayl

A Letter From Shaykh Aboo Jandal Faaris Az-Zahraanee Al-Azdee Regarding Safar Al-Hawaalee

Message From Sheikh Faaris Aal Shuwayl 
About The False Calls

Source: Sowt al-Jihaad [translated by Abu Osama] 

And praise and salutaions be upon the Prophet Muhammad (saw) about whom the Munafiqeen make false statements about him and he (saw) remained steadfast against them. And Allah (Swt) ordered him, O the Prophet! Fight the Kuffar and the
Munafiqeen and be harsh with them.
 And to proceed,

In relation to what the media are speaking about, that I, Faaris bin Ahmed Aal Shwayli Al-Zahraani, will surrender myself to the Tawagheet (false idols / apostate rulers) of Aal-saud, are all lies and is not true. And I have never thought a single day by the Help of Allah (swt) that I will surrender myself to any Taghout (apostate rulers). Indeed I remember that around six years ago theTawagheet of Aal-Saud held an event whereby they were going to give me a great gift however, I rejected that present and that event and I swear by Allah (swt) that my hand never touched the hand of any Kaafir Taghout (ruler) and I ask Allah (swt) to keep me steadfast on that. So how is it then, that they say about me that I want to give my self up to the Taaghout so that they can keep me in their Oppresive Prisons like Na'if and Muhammad bin Na'if (may Allah put them down and make them Shameful)

And I will make it clear through this message that I asked for a debate on many occasions between myself and Safar Hawali regarding the matter of the Kufr of this country (aal-Saoud) and its ruling by their own laws (not laws of Allah) and their allegiance to the Kufr from the East and the West, and their making the Jazeerat al-Arab a land for the Christian Crusaders, and many other points of KufrSowt al-Jihaad. And I responded to him with good advice and warned him from being a spokesman to Tawagheet and not to incline towards them as Allah said, other than this, but he (Safar Hawali) rejected this (offer) and he became arrogant, and there is no truth in all that he says about me that I will surrender myself, or that he spoke to me by telephone, and there is no relationship or knowledge of us between each other, and I never met him in my life except on one occasion when he visited one of the tribes of Zahraani around 11 years ago before he entered into prison. (Currently) except that he is trying to release some prisoners from the prison al-Ruwaas in order to gain knowledge how to reach to me. Between myself and some of these prisoners were some previous communications; (recently they are being used) to send me some of what Safar Hawali said and in this there is no clear mention for me to give myself up. My response to their communications is so frank and clear from the beginning, and I passed this through the Magazine

And incline not to those who do wrong, or the Fire will seize you; and ye have no protectors other than Allah, nor shall ye be helped.